Title: AntiMicro

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Developed During: January 2013 - Present


Graphical program available for Linux that is used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad. This type of program is very useful for playing PC games with no built-in gamepad support. The program has some neat features that go beyond simple button mapping. This program is able to map a sequence of actions to one controller button press; an example use case would be mapping Shift+Tab to a button in order to bring up the Steam overlay interface in a game. AntiMicro supports macros for button presses in order to add conditional actions; an example is the hold action which can be used to only perform an action if the button is held over a period of time (prone in the Call of Duty games).

Packages and links

Current version: 2.2

GitHub  GitHub Page

Archive  Source Archive

Arch Linux  AUR Package

Debian  jessie (U 13.10) amd64 deb    jessie (U 13.10) i386 deb  wheezy (U 12.04) amd64 deb    wheezy (U 12.04) i386 deb

Fedora  20 x86_64 RPM   20 i686 RPM   19 x86_64 RPM    19 i686 RPM

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Feature comparison against similar software

AntiMicroQJoyPadJoyToKeyJoystix ProPinnacle Game ProfilerXpadder
Open Source Yes Yes No No No No
Platform(s) Linux, Windows Linux Windows Windows Windows Windows
Controller Support SDL compatible gamepads Linux compatible gamepads Windows compatible gamepads Very limited Windows gamepad support Windows compatible gamepads Windows compatible gamepads
Multiple Keypress Support Per Button Yes No Yes Yes (modifier + key only) Yes Yes
Full Mouse Support on All Gamepad Elements Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Sniper Mode Functionality Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Macros for Conditional Presses Yes No Yes (limited) Yes (very limited, Tap and Hold assignment) Yes Yes
Shift Function for Multiple Button Configurations Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rougelike Controls for Sticks and DPads (8-Way) Yes No Yes (limited) No Yes Yes
Party Play (Handle Multiple Gamepads Simultaneously) Yes Yes Yes No No (Can be done by running multiple instances) Yes
Configuration Repository Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Universal Profile (One Profile For Many Gamepads) Yes No No Yes Yes No